Strength, spirit, courage and loyalty distinguish the horse. In this beautiful composition are added snail fossils whose significance for Zapotecs are also strength, safety, health and great capacity for development.

The composition of these two beings represent the union of two forces and characteristics that complement each other appropriately.


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The tones have very colorful and striking colors in pure Oaxacan style, this beautiful horse is finely decorated in gold leaf in his mane and with spectacular patterns and symbols.

In it we find surprising Zapotec patterns with different meanings, such as: Respect, hope, protection, to name a few.

This art piece is without a doubt an excellent option for those who share the characteristics of this tona.

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Dimensions 22.5 × 8 × 15.5 cm
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Oaxacan crafts from the Jacobo and María Ángeles Workshop. Crafts carved in a single piece of white copal wood with tools and ancient techniques of the Zapotec culture.

Made of white Copal wood. (Bursera Bipinnata DC Engl).

Jacobo & María Ángeles Workshop San Martín Tilcajete, Oaxaca, 2018 (Includes autenticity certificate).